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Public Works - Leaf Collection

Public Works Bethlehem Township Leaf Collection Program

Leaf collection update
Bethlehem Township's public works department has completed curbside leaf collection for the season. The township would like to thank residents and property owners for their assistance this past fall with the leaf collection program.

The Annual Leaf Collection Program is tentatively slated to begin the second week in October and conclude mid-December depending on weather. Actual collection will begin once significant defoliation has occurred. All Township residents are required to abide by the following regulations governing leaf collections.

Leaves are to be recycled through the Township’s collection program. Residents must place their leaves along the edge of the street or curb for the Township to collect. It shall be the responsibility of the residents to protect their leaves along the street so that they do not blow throughout the neighborhood.

Leaves will not be collected on private property. Also, collection crews will not rake piles of leaves from between or under parked cars. Collection crews will not empty plastic bags or containers; this is the responsibility of the resident.

Branches, grass clippings, shrubbery, garbage and building material will not be collected. These items will be left behind and are also the responsibility of the resident.

With the increasing number of maturing trees each year in various areas of the Township, it is impossible to guarantee a specific pick-up day for any one location. If leaves are not in place when the crew goes by, they will be picked up on the next rotation. The crews will not make any return trips. This schedule is subject to inclement weather, mechanical breakdown, and Township emergencies requiring the Public Works personnel and equipment. Your area could be skipped at any time should these situations occur.

The Township has been divided into three (3) collection areas. There will be one (1) collection crew assigned to each area. The crew will rotate throughout the area during the collection season. If one crew completes their assigned area, they may be moved over to help another crew in their area. The following is a breakdown of these areas.

AREA 1 – The area from Farmersville Road east to Palmer Township
AREA 2 – The area NORTH of William Penn Highway/Easton Avenue and west of Farmersville Road
AREA 3 – The area SOUTH of William Penn Highway/Easton Avenue and west of Farmersville Road

Questions regarding leaf collection can be referred to the Public Works Department 610-814-6442.

Please don't use bricks, rocks, etc. to hold tarps on top of your leaf pile. They can get mixed into the pile and be vacuumed up by the machine, causing timely and costly repairs! If these items are found holding your tarp down, your pile may not be picked up.

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