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Public Sewer and Physical Plant (Wastewater Disposal)
PUBLIC SEWER BILLING - Call 610-814-6460
PUBLIC SEWER EMERGENCY 24/7/365 Call 610-814-6476

Simple Definition or Sewer Type Emergencies

Storm Sewer Emergency
Rainwater or heavy melting snow causing roadway hazard, inlet back-ups, public or private property damage, or a potential danger to human life

Public Sewer Emergency (wastewater)
Human waste disposal collected and conveyed through a network of underground piping being pumped or delivered by gravity flow to a wastewater treatment facility.

Conditions which interrupt the conveyance causing waste to surface on roads, public or private property, enter waterways such as; streams, rivers, storm sewers or any other surface which results in direct potential contact with animal or humans, potentially creating a public health or public safety threat.

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