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Welcome to the General Information area of the Bethlehem Township website. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at 610-814-6400 or use our directory below for detailed questions.

   Main Number    Bethlehem Township    610-814-6400
   Doug Bruce    Township Manager email 610-814-6403
   Laura Zapata    Executive Assistant email 610-814-6405
Community Center
   Main Number    Community Center    610-332-1900
   Jackie Bittel    Director email 610-332-1514
   Zach Doll    Assistant Director email 610-332-1528
   Shawn Nosal    Recreation Coordinator email 610-332-1500
   Jessica Whitley    Aquatics Coordinator email 610-332-1842
   Deb Troxell    Administrative Recreation Coordinator email 610-332-1505
Community Development
   Main Number    Community Development    610-814-6435
   Samantha Smith    Community Development Director email 610-814-6441
   Aaron Stasiw    Zoning Officer/Building Code email 610-814-6464
   Angela Kelly    Fire Marshal / EM Coordinator email 610-814-6475
   VACANCY    Code Enforcement Officer email 610-814-6467
   Randy Gillespie    Residential Code Official email 610-814-6432
   Frank Krempasky    Commercial Code Official email 610-814-6401
   Erika Soto    Assistant Zoning Officer email 610-814-6434
   Paula Kaintz    Clerk email 610-814-6435
   Lucy Smith    Clerk email 610-814-6435
   Main Number    Finance    610-814-6460
   Andy Freda    Finance Director email 610-814-6456
   Felix Martinez Jr.    Assistant Director email 610-814-6457
   Tracey Corulla    Accounts Payable email 610-814-6448
   Kathy Yeager    Finance email 610-814-6454
   Lisa Guzzo    Finance email 610-814-6453
   Nancy Keim    Finance email 610-814-6440
   Sheri Eichlin    Finance email 610-814-6420
   Dawn Wagner    Fiscal & Human Resources Administrator email 610-814-6463
Physical Plant and Information Services (Public Sewer Wastewater Disposal)
   Main Number    Physical Plant    610-814-6420
   Emergency Calls 24/7/365    Sewer Back-ups, Wastewater Disposal Concerns    610-814-6476
   Matt Miranda    Director email 610-814-6418
   John Bartholomew    Assistant Director email 610-814-6495
   Zachary Wasilick    Crew Leader - 610-419-9672
Police Department
   Main Number    Police Department    610-814-6410
   Greg Gottschall    Chief email 610-814-6410
   Shaun Powell    Captain email 610-814-6410
   Jennifer Schwartz    Police Clerk email 610-814-6426
   Jeni Hardin    Police Clerk email 610-814-6427
Public Works
   Richard Kanaskie    Director email 610-814-6407
   Justin Weis    Assistant Director email 610-419-9667
   Kelly Gosling    Public Works email 610-814-6442

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If this is a police, fire, or medical emergency dial 911. If this is a police or public safety non-emergency, please call Northampton County Dispatch at 610-759-2200.