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Stormwater Fee

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Stormwater Utility Fee Overview
The Bethlehem Township Board of Commissioners, at its December 20, 2021, public meeting, approved a 2022 budget that includes a new stormwater management program, to be funded by a fee assessed on all township properties.

Bethlehem Township is mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) with completing a variety of projects in order to meet our Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP) requirements for the purpose of improving water quality of local creeks, streams, and waterways. These projects will be implemented throughout the Township to treat stormwater and reduce pollutants before it is discharged to our local waterways.

In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, flood mitigation is a major concern for the Township. The Township has developed a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which discusses upcoming projects to help with flooding concerns throughout the Township. To meet this mandate and fund the Stormwater CIP the Township will implement a Storm Water Fee beginning in 2022. The fee will be generated based on a property's Impervious Area and the following three (3) Tiers:

Impervious Area Monthly Fee Annual Fee
Tier 0 less than 300 sf $0 $0
Tier 1 300-1299 sf $2.20 $26.40
Tier 2 1300-4999 sf $8.60 $103.20
Tier 3 5000+ sf $2.79 per 1000 sf IA Varies

Billing Information
The Stormwater Utility Fee will be billed through the Bethlehem Township Municipal Authority to all properties with over 300 sf of Impervious Area (IA). Billing is anticipated to begin in early 2022 and will be sent annually; however, you may elect to pay this bill quarterly using installment coupons.

Credit and Appeals Manual
As part of the implementation of a Stormwater Utility Fee, the Township has created a Credit and Appeals Manual. If you believe that the Impervious Area you are being billed for is incorrect, you may submit an appeal in accordance with the policies found in the manual. Additionally, if you have a stormwater BMP on your property that you believe meets the criteria in the manual, you can submit a credit application to reduce your bill amount. More information on this can be found in the Credit and Appeal Manual.

You can download our Appeal Form HERE

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