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Bethlehem Township Municipal Authority (BTMA)

Bethlehem Township Municipal Authority The Bethlehem Township Municipal Authority (BTMA), incorporated under provisions of the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act (Act) of 1945, and pursuant to an Ordinance of the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Bethlehem, is empowered to exercise any and all powers conferred under the provisions of the Act. The BTMA since its incorporation in 1952, is responsible for the construction of Miller Heights and Farmersville Elementary Schools, the Bethlehem Township public wastewater system, and as of December 2021 now owns the Bethlehem Township stormwater system. The main role of the BTMA is to improve existing facilities, and extend public sewer and stormwater service where feasible.

The BTMA owns approximately 135 miles of sanitary sewers pipeline ranging in size from 1 1/2 inch force main up to 24-inch interceptor, comprised of 3,186 manholes, twelve (12) pump stations, three (3) metering stations located along the Nancy Run interceptor, a fourth metering station located along the Monocacy Creek interceptor, and a fifth located in the LVIP IV and V industrial park. These five metering stations are used to measure all flow discharged to the City of Bethlehem for wastewater treatment.

As of December 2021, the BTMA took ownership of the Bethlehem Township stormwater system, which consists of 95 miles of underground pipeline, and over 4,500 inlets, and 100s of other; inlet, outlet and classified outfall structures.

The relationship between the BTMA and Bethlehem Township is mutually beneficial, in which major sanitary and stormwater infrastructure improvements and extensions are made by the BTMA, while the day to day operations and maintenance responsibilities is that of the Township.

The BTMA day to day operations is managed exclusively by contracted services; management, inspections, engineering, legal and even system mapping and document management. While the Township's sanitary sewer O&M operations falls under the Township's Physical Plant Division, which employs highly skilled; PADEP certified operators, mechanical and electrical technicians. The Township public works staff diligently works to operate and maintain the stormwater system.

The BTMA five (5) member board is appointed by the Bethlehem Township Board of Commissioners to four (4) year terms.

BTMA Meeting Dates: Second Wednesday of each month 6:30pm, Austin Wismer Room, 3535 Orth Street, Bethlehem PA 18020

The BTMA serving the Bethlehem Township Community

For more information regarding the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association a full length video is available HERE

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