Permits - Inspection

Permits The following Codes are currently enforced by Bethlehem Township:

2009 International Building Code
2009 International Residential Code
2009 International Plumbing Code
2009 International Mechanical Code
2009 National Electric Code
2009 International Property Maintenance Code
2009 International Fire Code

NOTE: We are currently enforcing the 2009 version of the International Codes and will be adopting the 2012 upon the State's implementation.

ยง101. Registration, Sale, Transfer and Rental of Real Estate
Ordinance 8-00, 12/4/2000 amending Ordinance 6-78, 11/13/1978

It shall be the duty of every seller and lessor of real property situated in the Township of Bethlehem to comply with said Act, and to obtain a written report prepared by the Office of the Construction Official setting forth the zoning district classification of the proeprty, the legality of the present use of the property as known to the office of the Construction Official and set forth in the report, and the existence, if any, of any uncorreted violations of housing, building, property maintenance, safety or fire ordinances known to the Office of the Construction Official following a property inspection to be performed by the Office of the Construction Official.

Said report shall be delivered by the seller to the purchaser of the property at or prior to the time for settlement on the sale and purchase, and by the lessor to the lessee of the property at or prior to lease agreement and delivery of possession of the property.

Every seller shall also deliver to the purchaser of the property any notice of assessment for public improvement. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as relieving any person from requirements to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.

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